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Senior Compositor with over 11 years of international digital graphics and animation experience, with over 7 of those years dedicated to high-end feature film.  I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts & Animation, and a Masters degree in Compositing and Visual Effects.

My skills/software include multi-layer cg integration and relighting; deep compositing; advanced matte extraction; rotoscoping; 2d & 3d tracking; 3d projections; color correction; distortion & warping; blending cg, matte painting, multiple plates, and stock elements; stereo (alignment, color matching, comp, paint, roto), Linux, Nuke & NukeX, After Effects, MochaPro, Shotgun, Photoshop, Maya, Houdini, and some python scripting.

I have a good eye for color, composition, and lighting, and have a good understanding of real world physics to blend cg with live action accurately. I'm reliable in getting my shots done on time and can adapt to changes fairly easily. I am always willing, able, and desire to take on new challenges. I have handled the gamut of shot complexity from simple to difficult and involved hero shots.
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